Craig Cloutier collage artist


In his cut-and-paste practice, Craig Cloutier has explored the nature and perception of identity through different materials and mediums. Born in an eight-person town in Alberta, Canada, he currently lives and works wherever the road takes him, with inspirational hubs in New York City, Berlin, San Francisco, Montreal and the Sonoran Desert. The act of piecing together a life from the variety of places and experiences one grasps along the nomad’s wandering path appears as a thematic thread running through Craig’s creative expression.

His work begins as a pure celebration of being. A state of wonder in the face of humanity and our complicated, messy, beautiful relationship with the world and with our selves. He is fascinated by the ways in which we define, locate and measure our identities. Where does "I" begin and end? Which figments of our existence do we express as we move through the world? Which do we hide away? Which bubble up unbidden from somewhere deep? Which do we allow to be pasted on by social circumstance?


IG: @craig_rc